How it all started...

Christian Life Fellowship began as "The Gospel Chapel" on August 22, 1943. Located on Allen Street, the congregation continued to worship there until 1952 when the building was sold and a new building at 1 Bridge Street was purchased and referred to as the "new" Gospel Chapel.

Expanding the Vision

In April of 1965 the congregation broke ground for a new building on Clark and Dayton Streets. At that time the name of the church was changed to Mayville Assembly of God. In September 1977 the church broke ground for the upstairs sanctuary and began worshiping in it May 1978. In 1980, the congregation changed the name of the church to Christian Life Fellowship. In 1987 the church added classrooms and a fellowship hall/gymnasium, which was later converted into our current-day sanctuary.
Throughout its history, CLF has based its message on God's Word, the hope it contains for salvation, eternal life, and the peace and joy one can find in relationship with Christ and His church. CLF is not only an influence in the area with many of its members coming from Mayville and surrounding communities, but this fellowship has established a global presence through the support of missionaries which are an extension of the local church here in America. Since the year 2000, the church has enjoyed the honor of being named in the top 1,000 Assembly of God churches in missions giving. Even though the congregation of Christian Life has worshiped in various buildings, and called itself by different names, we know the church is more than a name or buildings and structures. The church is made up by the people of God who love God and love one another.

Moving Forward

The vision for the future is to move beyond the four physical walls of our building, beyond Mayville and into the surrounding communities. We believe that through God's grace and empowerment we must expand the kingdom of God by planting and establishing local campuses throughout Dodge county and beyond. Join us in prayer as we prepare in the coming days to live out the vision God has placed before us!